RTMP Streamer - Stream to any RTMP server App Reviews

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My only complaint

You cannot flip the view when live. You will be stuck in whatever view you are in once you are streaming. Can you make so that as you are streaming you can switch from front to back camera and vice versa?

Doesn't Work

You need to add a field for a streamkey for this to work properly, don't waste your $.99. I noticed below you mentioned to someone else that you can append the streamid after the URL, this is not a full proof method for most places I want to stream to.

Secure Stream

It does not have an option to put in passwords for a secure stream with your rtmp stream.

It works, after guessing

Just add the stream name within the rtmp url ie: rtmp://myserver.net/appid/streamid Worked on AMS


Reason: there is no stream key field

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